Helpful Hints

Siteworks prepare your block so you can build on it, but be careful of the cost.

What are siteworks?

Before you can start building your new home, your block of land needs to be prepared. This preparation is called siteworks. Some of the tasks that form your siteworks include leveling the block, removing vegetation and debris, and adding in stormwater and crossover provisions.

But not all blocks are created equal. If you’re planning on living within 1km to a beach, you’ll need to allow for coastal conditions. If you want to be close to nature, you’ll need extra items in your home so you’re better prepared for fires (depending on your BAL rating).

How much will siteworks cost me?

There’s 2 main things you should know about the cost of siteworks.

  1. Some builders don’t include the siteworks cost in advertising
    The cost of siteworks varies depending on your block of land. Pricing can start from $12,000, but if you’ve got a large sloping block in the hills, it’s most likely going to be closer to $25,000. That’s why some builders don’t tell you about this cost or they’ll allow a $5,000 provision. Then, when costing is confirmed, you have to pay the difference.
  2. Getting a breakdown of your siteworks price will save you money
    Until you’ve paid a deposit and your builder can receive reports on your block (e.g. engineers report and wind rating), your siteworks price is only a provisional sum. Some builders will give you a single figure and hope it covers your cost, but we recommend asking for a breakdown. That way, you’ll get a much more accurate estimation of how much your siteworks is. And once confirmed, the estimation should be pretty close to the actual figure.

So if you’re researching builders or house and land packages, make sure you read their disclaimer. Have they excluded siteworks from their advertised price and if it’s included, ask for the breakdown.