What’s included in my home?

Helpful Hints

Every builder has a different specification, so it’s important to understand what’s actually included in your home.

If you’ve been researching how to build a brand new home, it can be confusing to understand what’s included in your home. Especially when you see the word FROM written in front of the price, it usually means there will be extra costs before you can move in.

That’s why we’ve partnered up with Move Homes. You get heaps of items that already come in included, so you have more money in you back pocket. Check out some of our homes under construction.

900mm stainless steel appliances not only look great, but fit much more than a standard 600mm!
There’s a growing range of kitchen and bathroom handles (including black matte) from Alder Tapware.
You get to choose if you want vertical or venetian blinds on your windows.
Stone benchtops to the kitchen are long lasting and come in a huge range of colours.
You can choose from tiles, hybrid planks, and luxury vinyl planks (like this home) to your living areas.
You get a one-on-one electrical consultation with Sheehan’s to make sure your powerpoints and lights are in the best place.
LED downlights are located throughout the entire home for a contemporary look.
There’s an overhang to the kitchen bench to give you more versatility in your home.