What is a house and land package?

Helpful Hints

A house and land package consists of two contracts  so you can choose both your house and your land.

House and land package is a term commonly used in building. But just because you hear something all the time, doesn’t mean you understand it.

So we asked the team at Move Homes some frequently asked questions about house and land packages. Check out their answers below, but let us know if you have any other questions for them.

Who organises a house and land package?

Some clients want to do it all themselves, but it’s easier for a builder like Move Homes to get involved. Once we understand the client’s budget and what they’re looking for in a home, we can find a block of land that suits the design (and budget of course!).

Do I have to live far away for a cheap home?

We get asked this question a lot! It’s no secret that living close to the city comes with a price tag but there are plenty of blocks that are affordable. We recently handed over a new home in Morley that was done through the Home of My Own Foundation.

Do I need a big deposit for a house and land package?

No. One of the reasons clients have built with Move Homes instead of buying established is that they don’t need to save the 20% deposit that many banks requre for an existing home. Plus, when you partner with Home of My Own, that deposit becomes even smaller!

Remember, you don’t have to find your house and land by yourself. The team at Home of My Own can help find your perfect design in your dream location.